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Project overview

Gunpoint is part of Classified Operations, a club that aims to promote airsoft and paintball sports and to bring them to the Romanian mainstream. The club was founded by 3 friends that are passionate about these sports, on a Thursday night.

The purpose of this guide is to present and shape Gunpoint’s visual identity that can be recognized across all platforms. The comprehensive brand style guide outlines everything from typography, to logo and correct usage of all elements.


In the world of airsoft, where exhilarating battles and strategic gameplay reign supreme, a strong visual branding strategy is essential to captivate the attention of enthusiasts and potential customers. Crafting a compelling vision for visual branding can set your airsoft company apart from the competition, fostering a sense of identity, excitement, and trust among your target audience.

For Gunpoint, we envisioned a world where the thrill of tactical gameplay meets exceptional quality and innovation. And so the visual branding must be more than just aesthetics; it's a representation of pushing boundaries, redefining standards, and creating unforgettable airsoft experiences. Through the design process, the goal was clear: we wanted to unite players, empower strategy, and ignite the passion for adventure on every field.